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Metallic and Fire Rated Doors

Endoors srl operates in the production of fire rated metallic and multipurpose doors and the trade of related products.

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Metallic and Fire Rated Doors

Endoors srl. was established in 2005 to operate in the production of fire rated metallic and multipurpose doors and the trade of related products.

Having established a national presence, the company has steadily expanded into foreign markets. Endoors’ staff includes individuals with previous experience in both the commercial and manufacturing sectors of this industry.

This ensures a comprehensive knowledge of products and regulations, and a familiarity with the market and customer expectations.

This has become and shall continue to be the capital of Endoors as a company.

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Conformity to Standards and Prescriptions

Compliancy to regulations and standards

The forthcoming harmonisation of fire door standards in EU has prompted Endoors srl. to meet from the requirements of the Construction Products Directive (CPD) 89/106/CEE from the moment it comes into effect.

All the components of the doors are rigorously certified as far as prescribed by the new regulations and the latest standards

Certifications and legislation

General note

for customers

The product’s features refer to the technical brochure of Endoors srl. All the information in this web site as well as those of the brochure could change without notice. Binding information have to be specifically reconfirmed by writing.

Endoors srl sells the products according to the general conditions detailed in this web site and in the price list and the client ordering accepts them.

The client, before ordering the products, is supposed to verify the adequacy of the certificates, homologations, measures and conformity of the products and the technical features to the regulations, national and local laws, both general or specific for the fire rating in the door’s destination place, according to the purpose of the building, the use in escape ways and the local climate.

The products must be protected from the natural agents, especially the fire rated glasses deteriorate very fast if exposed to the sun or to the water even if still in the factory’s packing and they consequently lose the guarantee.
Fire rated doors very wide or high or equipped with windows or installed in places with strong air draughts, in order to ensure the correct reclosing of the leaves is necessary to use of overhead door closers with appropriate force proposed by Endoors srl or purchasable by the client on the market.

In cases of doubt, consult our technical office at order time, complaints are not accepted for lack or inadequacy of door closers after delivery.

According to the laws in force all doors used for emergency ways or exits must have a minimum height of 2000 mm net passage

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