About us

About us

Endoors since 2005

Endoors srl was established in 2005 to operate in the production of fire rated metallic and multipurpose doors and the trade of related products.

Having established a national presence, the company has steadily expanded into foreign markets.

Endoors’ staff includes individuals with previous experience in both the commercial and manufacturing sectors of this industry.

This ensures a comprehensive knowledge of products and regulations, and a familiarity with the market and customer expectations.

This has become and shall continue to be the capital of Endoors as a company.

Production Facilities

For competing succesfully in Europe

Endoors srl has one production plant with outlying warehouse and offices located in Polesine Parmense / PARMA, in the middle of the northern part of Italy.

The interaction with its 2 sister companies located in the south of Italy and abroad creates a synergy with consequent experience and improved performance.

These activities work in favor of the product’s quality and make Endoors srl. a specialist in the complete range of metallic fire rated shutters and give it the capability to compete successfully with the major names in Europe.


A complete production line

The manufacturing facilities consist of a complete production line ending with very sophisticated varnishing machinery for the fabrication of metallic doors, shafts and general shutters and their components and accessories.

All of Endoors srl. production conforms to certified prototypes and the performance of single items are constant because they are surveyed and guaranteed by the quality system of very modern and technologically advanced equipment and innovative manufacturing procedures as per UNI – EN standards.

The factory is very flexible and can produce simultaneously, standard and custom-built fire rated and multipurpose doors in different colours and finishes, organise complex supplies by adding to its own products the traded products of the sister companies of the group like sliding gates and complete glazed doors, satisfying the needs of the clients who prefer a unique, active and reliable partner for its entire range of products.

Raw Materials

top quality sheet metal and frame profiles

Endoors srl. uses only top quality sheet metal and frame profiles as well as the best in components such as handles, locks, cylinders, hinges, self expanding gaskets and closing regulators.

All metallic parts are completely galvanized. The door wings feature a fire resistant core of advanced technology material all studied and developed by Endoors srl. The quality of the raw materials is important.

It influences the structural resistance and the fire rating performance of the final product which must be reliable. Tested prototypes have been submitted to compulsory hard slamming cycles, stress and fire tests.

The everyday production guarantees the continuity of the performance to the strict parameters of the new European standards for mechanical durability and fire resistance.

Conformity to the Standards and Prescriptions

a policy of compliancy

The forthcoming harmonisation of fire door standards in EU has prompted Endoors srl. to meet from the requirements of the Construction Products Directive (CPD) 89/106/CEE from the moment it comes into effect.

The majority of Endoors srl. production is already tested according to EN 1634-1 “Fire resistance tests for door and shutter assemblies” and EN 13501-2 “Fire classification of construction products and building elements” introduced in Italy by the “Decree June 21st 2004” and published in the Official Gazette number 155 of July 5th 2004.

All the components of the doors are rigorously certified and CE marked as far as prescribed by the new regulations and the latest standards. These features conform with the intentions and principles that underlie the CE marking procedure and that will be extended in the near future to the whole door as foreseen in the prEN 16034 “Pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows – Product standard, performance characteristics – Fire resistance and/or smoke control characteristics” in final stage of approval and prepared by CEN/TC 33 the secretariat of which is held by AFNOR by mandate of the European Commission supporting essential requirements of EU Directives. Please see the section “Certificates and legislation” where this aspect is illustrated with more details.

Finished Products

attractive innovative products

The target of Endoors srl. was and remains the fabrication of attractive, technically innovative and competitive products, well packed, sent to the customers within a reasonable time and easy to install.

The Endoors srl. range of products comprises:

REVERSIBLE DOORS OF STANDARD SIZES single leaf EI2 60, EI2 120 and Multipurpose without vision panels for the stock-selling dealers.

HANDED DOORS IN SPECIAL AND STANDARD SIZES single and double leaf EI2 60, EI2 120 and Multipurpose, with or without vision panels and other special accessories or colors for the dealers or installers of doors for definite building sites.


HORIZONTAL SLIDING INDUSTRIAL GATES single and double leaf EI2 60 and EI2 120


HINGED INDUSTRIAL GATES single and double leaf EI2 60 and EI2 120

GLAZED DOORS single and double leaf, fixed and complex EI2 30, EI2 60, EI2 90 and EI2 120

GLAZED DOORS same as before but tested to integrity only

Many references evidence of the vast diffusion of such products. See > ENDOORS > References