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Assess the Suitability of Endoors Products

This section has been created to allow the potential customers to assess the suitability of Endoors’ products in relation to their needs and to establish contact.

To assist in this evaluation, the brief market analysis which follows concludes with a list in which a potential customer may identify himself.

Having read our “about us” section and viewing our products, a potential customer for requiring products such as ours for one of the following uses:

(A) For use in a specific building project, or

(B) For trade and resale of such products.

Category (A) would include property investors, developers, end users or building contractors.

Category (B) includes dealers who buy and resell (to category A customers) and would typically offer additional services, delivering the product as an intermediary.

We welcome customers from either category.

However, we find that our typical customer is of category (B) and the following is more specific information about this type of customer.

From our market experience, we find that with a tendency for repeating business, the category (B) customer typically comes with experience that results in substantial product knowledge and familiarity with the rules and customs of this type of activity.

This results in a high rate of success and low risk or error. This type of customer is typically familiar with meeting the requirements of the category (A) customer.

Such requirements range from simple resale of products, and the need for local knowledge to providing more comprehensive services which can include survey and measurement of the products at the building site, transportation, delivery and handling of materials, installation, testing and after-sales assistance and maintenance.

In addition, fire doors are subject to specialised laws which vary from country to country and from building to building depending on the characteristics and ultimate use of it. Thus, many buyers prefer the reassurance of a specialist to avoid unwanted surprises upon completion of building works.

Based on our experience, we have compiled a list of the types of companies that represent those typically found in category (B).

It must be emphasised that professional companies are scattered in no uniform or standardised manner among all categories as some are established within existing organisations to specialise in the business of fire doors, investing in personnel and procedure, gaining valuable specific experience.

Further note that this list is by no means exhaustive and is in no particular order.

  • Dealers (wholesalers, traders, installer) specialising in doors and shutters for buildings.
  • Manufacturer or dealers of garage, armored or wooden doors.
  • Manufacturers or dealers of sectional, folding or quick-opening doors or gates for industrial buildings.
  • Manufacturers or dealers of metallic windows, carpentry, blacksmiths.
  • Manufacturers or dealers of fire extinguishers and accident prevention equipment.
  • Building materials stores.
  • Companies specialising in bringing civil and industrial buildings up to fire protection regulations.
  • Hardware stores.
  • Insulation material stores.
  • Dealers of automations for doors and gates.
  • Companies specialising in servicing doors and shutters.