Fire Rated Gates Hinged

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Big rotation doors are used in case of large openings in fire rated walls of buildings like industrial warehouses, factory sheds, malls, garages, hangars, fair halls and similar where forklifts or bigger transportation means or goods have to pass through.

Gates of this type are used when for reason of encumbrances it is not possible to install sliding gates which cost less.


Big rotation doors tested according to the standard UNI 9723 to install on reinforced concrete or masonry walls.

High resistance tubular steel frame on 3 sides with holes for fixing with expansion screws.

Leaves made of continuous modules of galvanized double steel sheet, flush joints with screws, insulated with fire rated core total thickness of leaf 72 mm. with 2 extra strong hinges per leaf (or 3 if required by dimensions). 1 overhead hydraulic doorcloser large size per leaf with regulation of opening force, closing speed, and final closure, silver color.

Coil spring with mechanical functioning for larger sized leaves to increase the closing force positioned at top on the pull side of leaf.

The steel tension cable is fastened to the upper part of frame, finishing in the same color of door.

Thermo-expanding gasket along perimeter of frame. CE marked lock with tongue and turns and black safety handle with steel core with plates key.

2 leaves doors include closing regulator type in sight and in secondary leaf, mortise lock and self-blocking device with rods closing at top and floor.

Finishing with epoxy-polyester powders oven hardened RAL 7035 tone,
Maximum opening 120° with doorcloser only, 110° if with additional coil spring.

Packing on disposable one-way metal containers.

Manufactured dimensions from 1000 x 1750 H up to 2500 x 5000 H (1 leaf) and 5000 x 5000 (2 leaves), bigger to request.
Weight approx 60 kg. /sq.m.
Conformity mark metallic label.
Copy of certificate or homologation.
Conformity declaration.
Booklet with installation and maintenance instructions.

Door suitable for internal uses without strong air-draughts to be installed either on one or the other side of a flush and plumb wall. Assemble by qualified staff only.

Available Types

  • 1 leaf REI 120. (Form 8 in download area)
  • 2 leaves REI 120. (Form 9 in download area)


Drawings for 1 Leaf Doors

Drawings for 2 Leaves Doors

Drawings for Sections of Fixing Types

Accessories Included

Most accessories are the same to those in the section “Handed doors”, see illustrations there or request us specific data and pictures.
The doorsets include following items.
Steel hinges bolted to the frame, ball bearing.
Pair of handles of galvanized steel black finishing with plates and cylinder.
Lock with self-latching, opening by rotation of the handle.
Overhead hydraulic doorcloser and if required by dimensions coil spring for each leaf.
Expansion gaskets.
Finishing by painting with thermo-hardened powders semigloss in RAL 7035 tone.
In 2 leaves doors including closing regulator, type in sight and secondary leaf with mortise lock and self-blocking rods at top and floor, including floor socket.

Optional Accessories

Most optional accessories are the same to those in the section “Handed doors”, see illustrations there or request us specific data and pictures.
Following are the optional accessories.
Antipanic crossbars.
Access control systems.
Release switch.
Finishing in special RAL tones.

Prices and Offers

Big rotation doors are not manufactured in any standard size and offers are made to request time by time according to the sizes and characteristics of each specific case. Please read the next paragraph “Instructions ….”

Instructions for the Filling of the Forms to Request an Offer or Make an Order

After having red and understood the previous part fill the form number 8 or 9 which you will find in the download area and send it to us together with a message which specifies your address, contacts numbers, email, Vat number etc. (should be the same to use for invoicing purposes in case of final order) and proposed payment conditions. If anything will not be clear our staff will contact you for clarification. Soon you will get a complete offer or order confirmation which will contain all the technical and economical details.
Filling the form:
State the pieces (N°……..) and the dimensions LT x HT or LN x HN.
State opening direction. Attention for big rotation doors hands to pull !
Insert desired optional accessories.
State desired color if different than standard.