Fire Rated Gates Vertical Sliding

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Vertical sliding doors are used to close openings in the wall of medium-little size like windows or technical elevators of kitchens or industrial warehouses, conveyors in factories etc. in order to limit the fire spread.


Metallic doors tested according to the standard UNI 9723 composed of leaf of single or more modular panels depending on sizes, flush joining of double metal sheet with special fire fighting core total thickness 80 mm sliding on lateral guide tracks and flame resistant anti-friction and anti-skid metal, recessed handle, without lock. Counter-weight on both sides for the self closing of the door with ropes and thermal fuse. Protection casing of counter-weights made of press-folded steel sheets with special labyrinths against fire and smoke penetration. Thermo expanding gaskets in all overlapping labyrinths. If ordered with electromagnet the thermal fuse is omitted. Primer varnishing with epoxy-polyester powders oven hardened light grey RAL 7035.
Single pre-assembled unit (consider for handling).
Packing on disposable one-way metal containers.
Manufactured dimensions: minimum mm 300 x 500 H up to mm 3000 x 3000, bigger to request.
Weight approx 45 kg. /sq.m.
Conformity mark metallic label.
Copy of certificate or homologation.
Conformity declaration.
Booklet with installation and maintenance instructions.
Door suitable for internal uses to be installed either on one or the other side of a vertically aligned flush and plumb wall. Assemble by qualified staff only.

Available Types

1 leaf REI 120. (Form 10 in download area)


Vertical sliding door REI 120

Compulsory and Optional Accessories

The compulsory accessories needed for the safety or due to the gate’s dimensions are:

SAM SHOCK ABSORBER, to mitigate the final stroke of the leaf on the frame.

V.T. VISCONTROLLER (CRUISE CONTROL) breaking device, to avoid acceleration of leaf and keep constant the closing speed to approx 30 cm/second.

The optional accessories are:

ELECTROMAGNETS 24 V d.c. 3 types with different retaining strength depending on leaf’s dimensions.


FIRUX I.S.D SUPPLIER control device, controls the electromagnet/s and includes 2 thermal detectors. There are plugs to connect more heath or smoke detectors not included in the price, choice of type and sensibility left to the client, accessory available on the market or quoted by us to request.

SPECIAL FINISHING COLOR to choice from RAL range.

Closing by Thermal Fuse or Electromagnet

The vertical sliding door must be closed when a fire breaks out. If in that moment the door is open the counter-weight by means of the accumulated gravity has the force to close the door but it must be controlled by a suitable device intervening at the appropriate time. There are two devices that fulfill this task, the thermal fuse and the electromagnet. The thermal fuse works mechanically (it melts at approx 120°C) and is only sensible to heat. The electromagnet is electrically operated and can be sensible to heat and smoke. The choice requested at order time of the gate is up to the buyer who assumes responsibility for it.

Need of V.T. Viscontroller (Cruise Control) Breaking Device

Without a breaking device vertical sliding doors close all of a sudden because the leaf falls down. This can be very dangerous for people or materials passing through. For this reason they have to be fitted with a device which controls the closing speed. This task is fulfilled by the V.T. VISCONTROLLER which limits the speed to approx 1 meter every 4 seconds.

Prices and Offers

Vertical sliding doors are not manufactured in any standard size and offers are made to request time by time according to the sizes and characteristics of each specific case. Please read the next paragraph “Instructions ….”

Instructions for the Filling of the Forms to Request an Offer or Make an Order

Fill the from no. 10 you will find in the download area and send it to us together with a message which specifies your address, contacts numbers, email, Vat number etc. (should be the same to use for invoicing purposes in case of final order) and proposed payment conditions. If anything will not be clear our staff will contact you for clarification. You will get soon a complete offer or order confirmation which will contain all the technical and economical details.
Filling the form:
State the pieces (N°……..) and the wall opening dimension LN and HN.
Chose door retaining system by electromagnet or thermomechanical device.
Mark an x sign in any other appropriate space to confirm optional accessories like electromagnet, release button, Firux I.S.D. control device, color if different than standard