Fire Rated Doors for Installation on Sub-Frame


These doors are used for following reasons:

  • The sub-frames are installed with clamps and mortar when the building site is still in a phase that dust and dirt do not disturb.
  • The doors can be simply and quickly installed on the sub-frames by means of screws at last moment of the building site without making dirty and with the advantage of paying them later.
  • This type of installation is available multipurpose and fire rated EI2 120 with specific certificate.


Construction like the handed doors, see the corresponding description in section “HANDED DOORS / Description / EI2 120 / multipurpose (depending on the type chosen)”

The doors fit into the sub-frames which are sold separately and shipped before the doors. Sub-frames of profiled and galvanized steel of tubular shape + wing pre-holed and composed of 2 jambs and 1 upper transom including clamps for the fixing to the wall by mortar.

Sub-frame supplied assembled with 2 horizontal distance pieces and 2 square plates above for keeping it square.

Dimensions mm 32 x 15 + 20 and depth “a” different to adapt to multipurpose or fire rated EI2 120 frame.

For conformity to the tested installation system in the version fire rated a compulsory thermal kit will be supplied, consisting of an additional self expanding gasket to stick on the 3 outer sides of the frame before inserting the door in the sub-frame.

On the installed sub-frame the buyer will have make few adapting outcuts which cannot be factory made as they would weaken it.


Dimensions, Orders, Notes

Doors have to be ordered with the nominal wall opening dimensions Lfm x Hfm and the opening hands to push (DX = push right, SX = push left).
If ordered in the fire rated version the dimensions of the doors, glasses and their distance from the edges have to be within those allowed by the chosen certificate.

The sub-frames and the thermal kit for the fire rated version are sold separately.

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories are the same to those listed in the section “HANDED DOORS / Optional accessories”.


The dimensions of frame and the encumbrances are the same to those of the section “HANDED DOORS / Drawings / Encumbrances”