Fire Rated Doors With Corner Frame to Install on Plasterboard Partitions


These doors are used for following reasons:

  • The law imposes fire rated doors specifically certified for installation on plasterboard partitions.
  • Advantage: more competitive price if compared to the embracing frame.
  • Disadvantage: the wall opening corner of the side opposite to the hinges must be finished with plasterboard strips after door’s installation.


Construction like the handed doors, see the corresponding description in section “HANDED DOORS / Description / EI2 60 / EI2 120 / multipurpose (depending on the type chosen)” and supplied with a supplementary kit composed of screws, “T” shaped plates for the fastening to the partition and self expanding gasket to stick along the perimeter outside the frame.


Dimensions, Orders, Notes

Doors have to be ordered with the nominal wall opening dimensions Lfm x Hfm and the opening hands to push (DX = push right, SX = push left).
If ordered in the fire rated version the dimensions of the doors, glasses and their distance from the edges have to be within those allowed by the chosen certificate.

The client has to prepare the partition up to the lines of the dimensions Lfm x Hfm, then install the door and complete the corner of the partition opposite to the hinges up to the lines of the dimensions Lp x Hp.

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories are the same to those listed in the section “HANDED DOORS / Optional accessories”.


The dimensions of frame and the encumbrances are the same to those of the section “HANDED DOORS / Drawings / Encumbrances”