Fire Rated Shaft Doors and Small Size


Small doors are used for electrical boxes, manholes and inspection openings both in the version fire rate and multipurpose.


Construction like the handed doors, see the corresponding description in section “HANDED DOORS / Description / EI2 60 / EI2 120 / multipurpose (depending on the type chosen)”.

2 different shapes of frames:

  • 1 for type multipurpose + EI2 60 and
  • 1 for type EI2 120.

Doors available in the following versions:

  • Single and double leaf.
  • Reversible type with frame on 4 sides and handed type with frame on 3 sides.
  • Painted with with epoxy-polyester powders oven hardened embossed standard or special RAL and also galvanized only.
  • With multipurpose hinges or fire rated types with bearing ball and with self closing spring.
  • With 2 and also 1 hinge only if the dimensions are very small.
  • With handle or just with triangular or square key.


Dimensions, Orders, Notes

Doors have to be ordered with the nominal wall opening dimensions Lfm x Hfm.   If ordered with frame on 3 sides also the opening hands to push (DX = push right, SX = push left) have to be stated.

Optional Accessories

Due to the particular type of door few optional of those listed in the section “HANDED DOORS / Optional accessories” can be installed.