Multipurpose Doors With Fanlight Blind, Ventilation Holes, Glazed


These doors are used for following reasons:

  • The wall opening is high and air or light should go through.
  • There is no portion of wall above the door and it should be closed with a panel.


Construction like the handed doors, see the corresponding description in section “HANDED DOORS / Description / multipurpose” but with a fanlight consisting of vertical profiles identical to the jambs of the door frame, a top flat profile and a filling with a blind panel or a metal sheet with ventilation holes or a glass. Finishing of the metallic parts of fanlight same like the door.


Dimensions, Orders, Notes

Doors have to be ordered with the nominal wall opening dimensions Lfm x Hfm and the opening hands to push (DX = push right, SX = push left).
In the order specify the desired height of the leaf which can be 2060 or 2150 (Passage Hp 2017 or 2107).
These doors are available in the version multipurpose only.

Optional Accessories

Optional accessories are the same to those listed in the section “HANDED DOORS / Optional accessories”.


The dimensions of frame and the encumbrances are the same to those of the section “HANDED DOORS / Drawings / Encumbrances”