Endoors’  range of products, described in detail in the specific sections, can be summarized in 3 groups:

1. Metallic Doors EI2 60, EI2 120 and Multipurpose, Reversible Single Leaf and Left or Right Handed Single and Double Leaf

Metallic and Fire Rated Doors

These doors have a “normal” opening with a hinged leaf on a vertical axis, mainly used in public and civil buildings (for example, shopping centers, hospitals, hotel stairways, schools, etc.) where there is public pedestrian traffic, with maximum dimensions of approximately width 1300 x 2500 height with 1 leaf and 2600 x 2500 with 2 leaves.

Depending on the technical-aesthetic desired performance, there are many variations:  different colors and pvc coatings wooden and metal imitation, 100% stainless steel, noise reduction, smoke-tight, for installation on various types of walls including those in plasterboard and there is a vast range of optional accessories such as different handles, panic exit devices, glazed vision panels, door closers, access control locks, acoustic sealings, etc.

This is the only group available to “standard dimensions” and “reversible” of opening hand for rationalization of commercial distribution and prompt delivery and available also the “multi-purpose” version for aesthetic uniformity to the fire rated doors and for the competitiveness if compared to other similar doors.

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2. Industrial Gates Rei and EI2 Horizontal Sliding, Vertical Sliding and Hinged Type

Fire Gates

These fire rated gates normally of large dimensions are mainly used in industrial buildings and sheds, normally visible only in public car parks or in buildings with openings beyond the dimensions mentioned in group 1.

Very commonly used are the sliding gates with 1 or 2 leaves, less for their higher unitary cost the hinged gates openable like the doors of group 1. There are also vertical fire rated gates, called up-and-down or guillotines used as serving hatches. All these gates are not available in the multi-purpose version because they are heavy, slow in movement and have low performance against atmospheric agents.

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3. Glazed Doors E and EI2 30 – 60 – 90 – 120 With or Without Side Panels or Fanlight and Complex Type

Glazed Fire Doors

These glazed fire rated doors are aesthetically similar to aluminum or iron or PVC glazed doors or windows but with fire resistance characteristics.

The high cost of glass and profiles increase the price of complete shutter considerably.

Even the glazed fire rated doors are not available in the multi-purpose version because they are not competitive with other similar products.

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